A set of flat and 3D progress button styles where the button itself serves as a progress indicator. 3D styles are used for showing the progress indication on one side of the button while rotating the button in perspective.

Today we’d like to share some progress button styles with you. You surely know “Ladda” by Hakim El Hattab, a UI concept that indicates progress directly on the button that invokes a loading action. Some of the buttons have a built-in progress bar and today we’d like to explore that idea with some creative progress button styles. Using perspective will allow us to create some fun 3D effects besides the flat “filling” styles. For a complete solution, please take a better look at Ladda.

Please note that we’ll be using transitions on pseudo-elements which are still not supported in some browsers (e.g. Safari and Mobile Safari).

Also note that we need transform-style: preserve-3d support for the 3D styles, which neither IE10 nor IE11 support.

With the script that we’ve created for showing the button styles, we take a simple button markup.

We also indicate if we have a style that needs horizontal or vertical progress bar filling. This will be used in our CSS to specify the regarding styles.
The following styles are the general and common styles for all buttons (note that perspective styles are only needed for the buttons with 3D transforms).

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